Hi, I'm Suzanne. I'm an author, coach, advisor, and consultant. But let’s be honest, this is all about you, as it should be. You’re here to see if I’m someone you’d like to know and work with.

So, let’s start with a little history. I was born with an entrepreneurial mindset. It drove my parents nuts! But what do you expect from a first-born Leo lioness? Headstrong. Fearless. Loyal.

From a young age I was restless, curious, intuitive, intrigued with business, and somehow knew things I had no expertise or training in. This resulted in me skipping college in order to launch my career journey. I let my intuition guide me. And, when I ignored it I paid the price.

Over the past 25+ years (the “+” means I’m no longer counting the years), I have negotiated job opportunities for myself out of thin air that tripled my income each time. I then started 8 different companies, all in different niches. In fact, my very first business was a medical device company that sold for millions to a major corporation just 21 months after launching.

More importantly, I have helped clients in every industry to expand their lives, careers and businesses. Many clients have added hundreds of thousands to a million+ annually to their bottom lines while working with me. I would love to play a role in your success! You may also want to check out my corporate website.

Resident Mentor at Tampa Bay Wave Florida's #1 Startup Accelerator

Mentor at Bizwomen's Mentoring Monday Event Hosted in 43 Cities Across the Nation

Co-Founder and Board Member TBEW Tampa Bay Non-Profit

"I gave new meaning to Murphy's Law during those early days of making mistakes and learning tough lessons on the fly."

"I allowed myself one night in the fetal position feeling defeated, then I put on my boxing gloves and went out fighting the next day"

1st Edition Suzanne's Book

Inventing for Wealth

2nd Edition Inventing for Wealth

Currently in Development

Spyder Rides

"Welcome to the world of Spyders, 3-wheel motor vehicles. So. Much. Fun. I’m usually on the back seat rocking out to music while my hubby drives."

Antarctica Fun

"I wanted to visit all 7 continents in this lifetime. I’m fortunate to have visited Antarctica already. Words can’t describe it. Yes, those are real penguins behind me."

Horsing Around

"When I can enjoy supporting a non-profit that saves abused horses, while spending time with an animal now living its best life (and add water) my joy is immense."

Scuba Diving

"The underwater world is fascinating! I’ve swam with whale sharks, been in underwater caves, and seen living creatures that left me in awe."

Suzanne was honored to be offered the closing chapter in a book series. Her chapter is titled "Trailblazing Past Fear To Uplevel." The book reached Amazon #1 bestseller status on launch day.


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