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“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”  Will Rogers
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Get hands-on guidance for business growth and life transformation.


Strategic Confidence Method

Confidence isn’t about you, it’s about them. With this method you’ll strategically elicit the confidence in others to engage with you. As a result, “your” confidence organically surfaces without conscious effort.
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Influence, Persuasion & Connection

Powerful shifts happen when you know how to reach and connect with influencers, how to become an influencer, and how to authentically use the magic of persuasion. Strategies and science combine for success.
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Private Coaching

For highly driven women desiring hands-on guidance for strategies, opportunities, income growth, and solutions.
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The Strategy Room

Stellar events & trainings. Discover what you’re missing. Business development. Marketing and communication. Solutions.
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My Promise is to get you results.  I do it with strategies and mindset.

I am a strategist with 25+ years of experience helping professionals advance their career and income. I have started 8 companies that span business development, revenue strategies, marketing, executive leadership, online funnels, sales communications, confidence/mindset, video marketing, publishing, and more. My very first business was started with $1.2 million of venture capital; it sold for millions to Ballard Medical just 21 months after launching.
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Lizette Sundvick

Estate Planning Attorney

“I worked closely with Suzanne for 12 months. She guided me in evaluating business development options, obtaining client testimonial videos, branding, and more. In a personal coaching capacity she taught me ‘strategic confidence’ tactics that continue to have a positive impact on both my professional and personal life.”

Sue Lee & SockItToEmSockCampaign

“Suzanne’s approach to business and working with entrepreneurs is dynamic. She has the exceptional ability to listen beyond the words, to scan the entire picture, mentally scoping it out, then narrows in and lays out a strategy. She’s worth every penny and far more!”

Kim Brooks

Director Marketing Operations, EverMark

“Suzanne is a one-of-a-kind strategist whose consulting and mentorship has been invaluable to me in both my business and personal advancement.”

Tanya Stewart

Certified Health and Wellness Expert
Tanya Campione

“Suzanne’s authenticity is golden!  She opened my mind to go beyond limited thinking for creative avenues and strategic planning; I had some serious mental blocks. She helped me look beyond the surface in order to stop making the same mistakes, repeated patterns, and to trust the process as I grow my business.

Suzanne provides genuine constructive feedback that helped me overpass obstacles that were depleting my time and energy. I have worked with different programs, strategic planners, coaches, and groups – Suzanne hands down stands above the rest with her honesty and deep caring about her clients. She has really helped build my confidence to take action with inspired thought and planning. Our one-on-one sessions brought an abundance of insight to dig deep, and provide ways to implement my services with strategy, heart, and confidence.”

Blakele Bergman

Franchise Owner

“During our first few months of working together I experienced a major improvement in REVENUE GROWTH and productivity! Suzanne knows how to make positive changes fast. She listens, genuinely cares, and created strategies that work for MY business. She also helped me realize where my true potential lies, and what my business needs are in order to thrive.”

Elaine Alpert

Transformation Life Coach

“I was about to launch my new website, followed by the launch of a program to women I have been working with for some time; many unable to pay the fee that matches my level of experience and expertise. Fear showed up when I faced letting go of the women in my ‘comfort zone market’ and began to consider upscaling my clients. Suzanne entered my life to analyze my offerings and guide me with her amazing experience. I’m so grateful!”
Tiana Smith (Gustafson)
Founder, Inspired Mommy Boss

Sarah Jane Cion

Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Publicity Specialist, Pianist, and Composer

“Suzanne is one of the most dedicated and talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is warm, brilliant, caring, and brimming with enthusiasm and creativity! If you have the great pleasure of working with her, you will certainly be touched by one of the most incredibly heart-filled souls and will come away a better person in so many ways!”

Heather Truhan

Real Estate Broker

“Suzanne’s enthusiasm and expertise are so engaging that you’ll find yourself jumping up and down to exceed goals you hadn’t even set yet! I loved working with her. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and is very appreciative of people who work hard and strive to be their best. Have no doubt that Suzanne can help transform small business into BIG business in the blink of an eye!”

Kristina Rochester

M&A / Corporate Attorney

“Suzanne has helped me learn the power of innovative strategies for new business development, and the use of Strategic Confidence and the Interview Method. She’s making a difference and I’ve enjoyed working with her!”

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