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Tactical Capital Raising

Whether raising capital for a start-up, existing business, event, or project, there are combined strategies not being taught elsewhere. These strategies were derived from actual in-the-trenches experience.
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Influence, Persuasion & Connection

Powerful shifts happen when you know how to reach and connect with influencers, how to become an influencer, and how to authentically use the magic of persuasion. Strategies and science combine for success.
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Strategic Confidence Method

Confidence isn’t about you, it’s about them. With this method you’ll strategically elicit the confidence in others to engage with you. As a result, “your” confidence organically surfaces without conscious effort.
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High Octane Business Growth

With a handful of strategies, any business can experience faster revenue growth. This isn’t about grinding out daily social media, working harder, or time-sucking activities. It’s about automated online systems.
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Meet Suzanne

My Promise is to get you results. Results happen with the right strategies.

I have started 8 companies that span business, revenue strategies, marketing, online sales/lead funnels, sales communications, technology, video marketing, publishing, and more. My very first business was started with $1+ million of venture capital; it sold for millions to a major company just 21 months after launching. I am a revenue architect with 25+ years of experience helping businesses and entrepreneurs with strategic growth, fund raising, and more.
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Personal Funding Successes
Strategic Alliances

Work With Suzanne


VIP Consulting

For highly driven business owners and entrepreneurs desiring private one-on-one consulting. Limited openings for qualified applicants.
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The Strategy Room

A live 2- or 3-day group strategy event. Intense focus on defining your message and creating your custom revenue strategy.
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Women Entrepreneurs

Women now control 51% of wealth {BMO Wealth Institute}. Wow! Women-centric programs to continue this growth.
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Online Trainings

Online video, live and membership-based trainings include opportunities for Q&A, accountability, and ongoing support.
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Apply For VIP Consulting

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers -

VIP consulting is for business owners and entrepreneurs seeking a hands-on approach to business solutions. Suzanne works with a limited number of VIP clients at any given time. For qualified applicants, Suzanne will structure a VIP day, month, or multi-month program.

What People Are Saying


Robert Welch

Technology Crafters

“We work with numerous companies from small to large, and it’s refreshing when we get to work with a pro like Suzanne. Her ability to simultaneously juggle all the issues of business growth, fundraising, and promotion are truly impressive.”
Sue Lee #2

Sue Lee

EQ Media &

“As a professional who has had the opportunity to work with various consultants, Suzanne is one of a kind. Her approach to business and working with entrepreneurs and companies is dynamic. Suzanne has the exceptional ability to listen beyond the words, the ability to scan the entire picture, mentally scoping it out, then narrows in and lays out a strategy.”

Heather Truhan

Entrepreneur & Real Estate Broker

“Suzanne is simply brilliant! She provides insight and direction that goes well beyond most expectations. She is a proven leader whose focus becomes her passion. Her vision and fairness is matched only by her glowing personality and charm. I would recommend her to anyone in business I know.”
Suprit Patel

Suprit Patel

The Bestige Group

“Suzanne and her team delivered actionable plans to increase our growth. I would recommend her to any business looking to add clients and build revenue.”

Blake Bergman

Franchise Owner, Title Boxing Club

“Since working with Suzanne, I have had a great turnaround in my business. She has helped me to realize where my true potential lies, and what things my business needs in order to thrive. During our first few months of working together I experienced a major improvement in REVENUE GROWTH and productivity! Suzanne knows how to make positive changes fast. She really listens, asks the right questions, genuinely cares, and created strategies that work for MY business.”
Sally Shields #2

Sally Shields

Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Publicity Specialist, Pianist, and Composer

“Suzanne is one of the most dedicated, ambitious and talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is warm, brilliant, caring, and brimming with enthusiasm and creativity! If you have the great pleasure of working with Suzanne, you will certainly be touched by one of the most incredibly heart-filled souls and will come away a better person in so many ways!”

Kim Brooks

Entrepreneur & Director of Marketing, Wahoo Docks

“Suzanne is one of the most enterprising and innovative entrepreneurs with whom I have had the privilege to work. There are few people who TRULY know what it takes to be successful in business – and who can provide actionable steps to achieving that success. Suzanne is a one-of-a-kind strategist whose consulting and mentorship has been invaluable to me in both my business and personal advancement.

John Gaughan

The Independent Information Exchange

“Suzanne is simply brilliant! She provides insight and direction that goes well beyond most expectations. She is a proven leader whose focus becomes her passion. Her vision and fairness is matched only by her glowing personality and charm. I would recommend her to anyone in business I know.”

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