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Strategic Confidence Method

Confidence isn’t about you. It’s about them. 

Lack of confidence is one of the most crippling mindset issues a businesswoman may periodically confront. What I’ve learned while overcoming my own confidence and mindset issues is the importance of getting out of your own head. Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily.

When you peel back the layers, the real truth is that a lack of confidence stems from thoughts of what others may think about you. In a business setting this equates to concerns such as whether you will be taken seriously, be respected, get the deal done, make the sale, give a speech that moves people, and on and on the story goes.


With the Strategic Confidence Method you’ll strategically elicit the confidence in others to engage with you. As a result, “your” confidence organically surfaces without conscious effort.


Most trainings focus on you and your confidence or self esteem issues. That just perpetuates your lack of confidence by keeping you focused on your issues or doing traditional confidence-building activities that don’t work. By moving you into a focus on what will give OTHERS the confidence to engage with you, your own confidence grows.


It’s your time to experience confidence… reengineered.


Perhaps you have what I call “Situational Confidence” and it’s more common than you know.

Women STILL don’t trust themselves on a deep level… they head-trip and self-sabotage… often unknowingly. This creates Situational Confidence whereby women will be strong and powerful in some areas of life, yet in other areas suffer low self-esteem that blocks them.


Even powerhouse women like Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and Singer/Actress Jennifer Lopez have stated they often suffer from imposter syndrome (feelings of inadequacy).


When the shift is made to take the emphasis off of yourself, and make it about the person or group you are engaging with, your confidence soars. This works with a strategic method that starts with thoroughly understanding your audience of one, or many.

When you know with absolute conviction that you are fully loaded to meet the needs and/or desires of your intended audience, the magic happens.

Ready to reengineer YOUR confidence?