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Get To Know Me

 Behind Every Success Is A Stellar Strategy & Mindset

Over the past 25+ years (the “+” means I’m no longer counting the years), I have started and built eight companies within a variety of industries. I’ve also worked with entrepreneurs, service professionals, and corporate executives on everything from growth strategies to executive leadership, and more.

Among other things, I am a strategist helping professionals achieve growth with marketing and revenue strategies, often adding hundreds of thousands to a million+ annually to my clients’ bottom lines. I have helped clients discover new revenue streams, experience efficient growth, stand out from competitors, use online and offline strategies for increased leads and conversions, increase confidence and influence, brand with a compelling story, pitch and close with a unique approach, and more.

Using carefully planned strategies I successfully raised millions in both VC and angel funding, as well as acquired corporate sponsorship dollars (including Visa). In fact, I successfully raised $1.4 million of angel funding in under 45 days from strangers, but that’s a story to share over a great meal.

My very first entrepreneurial venture was a medical products company. With no previous experience I started that company in Clearwater, FL with a physician business partner and his medical inventions. I negotiated a $500K manufacturing deal in order to create an inventory of medical products without any upfront money. I then executed on structuring a nationwide sales and distribution network in less than 30 days. (I had no choice because VCs threw these obstacles my way before cutting a check, so I took action). From there my business partner and I successfully raised an initial round of $1.2 million from a venture capital group.

Just a short 21 months later that first business was successfully sold for millions of dollars to Ballard Medical Products (later acquired by Kimberly-Clark).

I often joke how I gave new meaning to “Murphy’s Law” in those early days while making mistakes and learning tough lessons on the fly.

From there, I wrote Inventing For Wealth, with a Foreword by world-renowned businessman Tony Robbins.  I also appeared as a success story in Tony’s Personal Power infomercial that aired from 1993-95 (now we’re going down memory lane).

Since then I have created online and offline businesses, raised capital and sponsorship dollars for a few more companies, built a national sales and distribution force, taught people how to have an effective sales conversation and to brand with a compelling story, worked within a vast array of industries and businesses in every niche imaginable, tackled every facet of marketing, operations and management, produced commercials, infomercials and videos… and yada, yada.

It’s the yada, yada part that brought me to my love of helping professional women thrive with the right strategies.

It’s important to me that we’re a good fit for working together BECAUSE getting you results is my priority – that means you have to be ready to embrace the strategies I’ll bestow upon you (how’s that for word-smithing). You should also have a sense of humor (or at least be able to hold back tears when laughing). You like to have fun, right?

My favorite quote is by Will Rogers…

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Fun Insights About Me

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  • “From the ages of 2-6 I lived in the Azores, which are little islands off the coast of Portugal. I only wore shoes when I had to; running barefoot was so much better. This seeded my quest for a lifetime of adventure.”
  • “I wanted to visit every continent, so in 2001 I went to Antarctica while I was young enough to deal with the icy conditions. (It was awesome by the way!)”
  • “I started scuba diving in 1986 when I escaped my home state of Minnesota and moved to Florida. I’ve been in the midst of sharks, whale sharks, and stunning underwater beauty.”
  • “I love trips on the 3-wheel CanAm Spyder. My helmet has bluetooth connection to my phone so I can jam to my favorite tunes, or make phone calls. (I’m usually in the passenger seat texting or rocking out.)”
  • “After 16 years together, my hubby and I finally got married; we continue to sail off into the sunset. It takes a special man to support a motivated woman and I’m lucky to have him (but he’s pretty lucky to have found me too).”
  • “I’ve had dogs and I’ve had cats. I now have two cats named Bikini and Speedo. Those names tend to really crack people up. They keep me sane and always laughing.”
  • “Seven is my lucky number, so there are 7 bullet points here. I self-published Inventing For Wealth in the mid-90s before the Internet was popular. Google and Amazon didn’t exist so I created a t.v. commercial and sold my book around the country. The book is now out of print; I was able to purchase a copy of my own book from someone selling it on Amazon so I could get a photo of it. Crazy!”