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Influence, Persuasion & Connection

Influencing someone is not intentional. Persuading someone is intentional.

In the world of business you may be trying to reach an influencer, or you may be an influencer yourself… or both. And whether aware of this or not, you are also in the business of persuasion as a part of your sales and marketing process.


Nailing the strength of influence and persuasion will vastly alter your opportunities in all areas of business and life.


A Persuasion Scenario:  Carefully choosing words or phrases to communicate in a way that strikes a responsive chord in your ideal audience.

When applied with integrity and a sincere intention to make a positive contribution, persuasion techniques are a powerful lever for moving along the decision-making process.

An Influencer Scenario:  Building a track record of consistent success in a particular area and making it known to your ideal audience.

When built over time influence is developed with a foundation of proven credibility, and if created with trust and integrity becomes an inspirational motivator for people to engage with you.


I have used the power of persuasion to raise millions in funding, create joint ventures, develop strategic alliances, and become an influencer myself.


Both influence and persuasion carry the objective of changing a person’s behavior or mindset; however, persuasion requires impactful communication and influence works silently without requiring any additional effort.

I offer the powerful influence and persuasion processes that have created stellar results for myself and my clients.