Tactical Capital Raising

Having a great business plan is merely the beginning.

Most classes, coaches and courses don’t teach actual behind-the-scenes strategies that create funding success. I have been effective in raising capital from VCs, angels and sponsors by utilizing in-the-trenches strategies that work.


I’ve compiled my years of experience in raising capital into a hands-on coaching program to teach the insider strategies that nobody else is offering.


My program contains the proven tactics that helped me raise over $1 million in venture capital for my very first business, $300K in two weeks from local angel investors for another business, $1.4 million of angel funding in 45 days from total strangers for a third startup, sponsorship funding from corporations (including Visa), and a $500K manufacturing deal with no out-of-pocket money to create initial product inventory.

There is plenty of free information on the Internet about writing a good business plan or sponsorship document, as well as pitching and presenting.  BUT…

The 3 key problems for most startup entrepreneurs and scale-up business owners is:  finding the right funding sources, getting in front of them, and successfully closing them.

Sneak Peek Into The Program:

  • An online in-depth course, including legal documents, pitch deck, and more
  • Hands-on reviews of your pitch materials (verbal pitch, biz plan, pitch deck)
  • Live sessions for answers and guidance on finding and closing investors
  • The #1 Secret: Finding your advocate to open the investor floodgates
  • Why walking away from a deal can bring it back on your terms
  • Where and how to find the right investors
  • Reducing risk (yours and theirs) – how and why it’s so important
  • The fastest route to funding (hint: it’s not crowdfunding)
  • Secrets to standing out in the room when pitching against other entrepreneurs
  • Creative obstacle maneuvering – how to pass the test when an investor gives you a hurdle before committing to funding

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