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High Octane Lead Generation

Discover the “secret sauce” of automated marketing systems.

Are you familiar with online marketing funnels? If you’re unfamiliar, you are leaving money on the table. Marcus Lemonis, of the hit TV show The Profit, stated that every business needs a funnel.

Funnels are designed to create a specific and targeted call-to-action (CTA). Unlike websites, a funnel takes a person through a strategically designed process in order to generate a lead, an appointment, a purchase, or a registration.

It starts with what people see… and the real magic happens behind the scenes inside your funnel.¬†Funnels leverage behavioral targeting. For every page there is a tracked action that directs the next action.



Are you leaving money on the table without this?

Multiple pages and emails can be delivered based upon what action was or wasn’t taken.

Automation is the key; once a funnel launches, every step and action runs on auto-pilot. With one good funnel and ad campaign strategy, literally hundreds of thousands into millions are being made in every kind of imaginable business.

My team and I are pros at the strategies and sales copy that drives success for our 7-figure income earning clients. We can take you to greater heights starting from right where you currently are.

Product Funnel

Create new promotions on the fly, add revenue with upsells and downsells, target your marketing to specific product offers with different funnels.

Lead Capture Funnel

A stellar lead magnet for building your audience list is crucial. Old school free newsletters on a website are now boring. Funnel creativity!

Event Funnel

Easily offer early bird pricing, add-a-friend-tickets, adjust pricing, make VIP offers. Lead people through an "experience" process to create sales.

Webinar Funnel

Increase signups and conversions. Create engagement with live webinars. Then automate your presentations to make money while you sleep.

Consultation Funnel

Start getting consistent and quality phone consultations on auto-pilot. Keep your calendar full with prospects that convert to paying clients.

Application Funnel

Qualify leads with an application. Know in advance if they are an ideal client, if they can afford your services, and what they need; don't waste time.


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